Robert O'Callahan
I am a Christian from a non-Christian background. I serve at the Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church. I'd classify myself as evangelical.

I grew up in New Zealand, lived in the United States for ten years and then moved back to New Zealand. In the USA I obtained a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon (studying static program analysis based on type inference) and worked at IBM Research for a few years (mostly on dynamic analysis). Overlapping with that, I was a volunteer Mozilla contributor for five years and on return to New Zealand I worked full-time on the Mozilla project for eleven more years. I made many significant contributions to Gecko and Web standards and was granted the title of Distinguished Engineer. At Mozilla I also led the development of the rr debugger.

When not working, I like board games, tramping (overnight hiking), reading books and barefoot running --- and of course, spending time with my wife and children.